‘Egg and Sperm Race’: Performance Art at the Independent Cork Festival, October 2014

What: ‘Egg and Sperm Race’: performance art  at the Independent Cork Festival.

When: First weekend, October 2014

Where: Cork docklands, Co Cork, Ireland.

What is it?

An event for Interested groups, artists, arts collectives, creative individuals, fun loving creatures, YOU!

Any amount of sperm (humans imitating sperm!) will be unleashed from the Cork docklands one evening during the ICF (Independent Cork Festival) the first weekend of October ’14.

The egg(s) installations are interactive environments that have been prepared for the general public to enjoy and for the arrival of the sperm. When a sperm team discover an egg they will have to perform the obligatory ‘sperm dance’ entry ceremony.

Of course there will also be audience interaction…as the eggs are in different places in the city centre and the sperm will need some ‘egging on’.

Details on the Performance

not yet set in stone as it is still in development and new ideas are coming in all the time…

It will happen for one evening in the city of Cork as part of the Independent Arts Festival on the first weekend of October 2014.
The performance is made up of two important elements:

the Sperms and The Eggs The sperms are grouped into teams (can also be solo).

Each Sperm Team gets a map with information on where the ‘available eggs’ are located at various places (on the street /venues/cafes/living rooms) around the city.

The sperm are dressed as sperm…cling wrap/rubber (from recycled tubes), etc.

The sperm and the eggs are not gender specific.

Since a high sperm count is desired, the more sperm the better.

The eggs are positioned structures that look like eggs with an interactive environment inside and located around the city centre at various venues, cafes, living rooms, whatever is available and proposed …these will need to be found and co-ordinated so your ideas or thoughts are welcome.

Your egg decides the content inside, where you want it to be and the interactive installation you want to make.

Make your own egg

A workshop on using different materials to help with the shape could be-

  • willow sticks/ tissue paper & glue
  • wire/rope/string…and cloth
  • Cardboard/tape

These are constructions that will hold together for one night made as much as possible from cheap or recycled materials.

  • How big they will be will depend on space and time…Think about a tent!

What’s an interactive environment? A place where you are invited to participate,to play, have fun, communicate, interact… someone comes into your (group) egg there is something to do.. Here are some ideas to get you thinking…


Cultural eggs…more

An interactive art egg, an egg where people can bake or decorate or make edible eggs (might be someone’s kitchen egg), an interactive sculpture,

warm sensual meditation egg..lying on a bed of leaves or a yoga mat with music and scents to help you relax, the meditation guided by your meditative egg master

A writing eggs- with the author tickling your imagination to produce a poem egg . A techno egg, belly dancing egg, swing egg, circus egg, music making egg, fairy light-story telling egg, debating egg, bubble blowing eggs…gaming eggs, astrological eggs, audition eggs, stand up – lie down eggs, can’t see a thing eggs, fantasy eggs, creepy crawly eggs, moon making eggs, lubricating eggs!!! Irish speaking eggs, puppet making eggs, energy eggs, off my head eggs!!!


The ‘Sperm Dance’

All sperm will learn the ‘Sperm Dance’ It will be a short dance that will be performed by the sperm team …. and may even become a huge finale with the eggs !!!

There will be Sperm Dance Workshops scheduled in Aug-Sept- don’t worry it won’t be too complicated . Hope to have a video as teacher with an International flavour. We may even take on some of your moves!

Egg Installation Workshops

We will purchase (one way or another!) willow sticks /fabric /glue/paper and other materials to make eggs at the egg- making workshops.


Email: terrydineen29@hotmail.com

If anyone out there wants to help me co-ordinating this event I would be delighted.

A special page will be set up on Facebook for this event; to inform, take suggestions, and keep it together.




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