Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 1-2 September 2014

What? Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference

When? 1-2 September 2014

Where? Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

SRF’s 2014 Conference will be held immediately before the World Congress on Reproduction Biology (1st and 2nd September) at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

The World Congress of Reproductive Biology was established in 2008 to provide a forum for basic and clinical reproductive biologists from all around the globe to meet and exchange cutting edge ideas and research findings.  The 2014 Congress is being organised by 6 international societies in partnership: the CSRB, KSAR, SRB, SRD and SSR (based in China, Korea, Australia, Japan and the USA, respectively), with the Society for Reproduction & Fertility (SRF) honoured to host WCRB 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Further Details

Visit the conference website.


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