Non-Reproduction: Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics (2014)

Published 2014

Volume 6, issue 1 of the journal Studies in the Maternal is a special edition on ‘Non-Reproduction: Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics‘. It was co-edited by Perceptions of Pregnancy network member Fran Bigman, and includes an article by Lucy van de Wiel who also spoke at our conference. The contents range from a piece on Reproductive Ageing and Egg Freezing in Dutch and British News Media to one on Voluntary childlessness in Weimar and contemporary Germany.


Position Pieces

Nina Power Brief Notes towards a Non-Nihilistic Theory of Non-Reproduction

Lisa Baraitser Time and Again: Repetition, Maternity and the Non-Reproductive


Lucy van de Wiel For Whom the Clock Ticks: Reproductive Ageing and Egg Freezing in Dutch and British News Media

Sam McBean The Gamble of Reproduction: Conceiving Ada’s Queer Temporalities

Lisa Smith ‘You’re 16 … you should probably be on the pill’: Girls, the non-reproductive body, and the rhetoric of self-control

Nick Hocking Letting the Skyfall or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love James Bond

Christina Benninghaus ‘No, thank you, Mr. Stork!’: Voluntary childlessness in Weimar and contemporary Germany

Gilla Shapiro Voluntary childlessness: A critical review of the literature — Review Essay

Book Reviews

Eve Lacey Alison Kafer, Feminist Queer Crip

Hannah Proctor Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman, Sex, or the Unbearable

Berneil Rupp Mueller Rachel Epp Buller, Have Milk, Will Travel

Marianna Leite Paul Hunt and Tony Gray, Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability

Multimedia Work

Kabe Wilson The Dreadlock Hoax



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