Participants wanted for Gender Equality Policy in Practice network

Fiona Buckley (network member and secretary of the Political Studies Association of Ireland executive committee) has passed on this message from Yvonne Galligan:

The convenors of a new international network on gender politics and policy are seeking participants from Ireland, and have asked me to co-ordinate a team from Ireland interested in responding to their call for proposals.

The network is GEPP – Gender Equality Policy in Practice:

To date nine potential areas of exploration are identified, though probably only three or four will finally be selected at a meeting of the convenors in early December. The nine areas are:

Equal employment, gender-based violence, intimate citizenship, reproduction, immigration, elder care, political representation and higher education and the inclusion of women in science.

The core research question is ‘Does equality policy result in greater gender equality?’

To participate, we need to come forward with specific proposals, having identified policy initiatives that could lend themselves to further investigation.

To take this forward, I will contact Joni Lovenduski, one of the convenors, to indicate that researchers from Ireland are interested in taking part. If I receive an indication of your areas of interest in advance of you completing a template (here), that would be very helpful.

Those of us interersted are required to complete this template and forward to me, for liaising with the convenors, by mid-december (Dec 15).


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