2015 Adele E. Clarke Book Award—a brand new honor in our field!

ReproNetwork, an interdisciplinary group of researchers who study reproduction, invites submissions for the 2015 Adele E. Clarke Book Award. This award is for an outstanding socio-cultural study of reproductive processes, experiences, technologies, politics, and/or practices published in 2014. Consistent with the composition of the ReproNetwork community, the prize committee welcomes submissions by historians, sociologists, anthropologists, public intellectuals, activists, and others.

Initiated by the ReproNetwork community in 2014, the Adele E. Clarke Book Award will be presented each fall to honor a groundbreaking work judged to be the most potentially influential contribution to scholarship on reproduction. Influence may reflect the book’s quality, timeliness, innovation, and/or overall impact on the field of reproductive studies.
· Book must make a contribution to understanding of reproduction
· Book must be sole-authored or co-authored; edited collections and anthologies will not be considered
· Book must have a copyright date of 2014
Please send questions to the chair of the committee, Monica J. Casper, at mjcasper@email.arizona.edu.
The deadline for receipt of all materials is May 1, 2015.
Authors, publishers, or other scholars and advocates may nominate a book. Please send a signed letter of nomination specifying how the book meets the criteria to the chair of the prize committee. The nomination letter may be sent by E-mail (mjcasper@email.arizona.edu) or postal service (see below). Books submitted without an accompanying letter of nomination cannot be considered.
In addition to the letter, please arrange to have the publisher send a copy of the book directly to each member of the Selection Committee at the following addresses:
Monica J. Casper, GWS, 925 N. Tyndall Avenue, PO Box 210438, Tucson, AZ 85721-0438
Rene Almeling, Sociology Department, Yale University, PO Box 208265, New Haven, CT 06520
Lara Freidenfelds, 118 Hillside Ave, Chatham, NJ 07928
Vanessa M. Hildebrand, Department of Anthropology, Mather Memorial Hall, Room 207, Case Western Reserve University, 11220 Bellflower Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7125
Jennifer Lahl, Center for Bioethics & Culture Network , 3380 Vincent Rd. Suite HUB, Pleasant Hill, CA 94582
Books and nomination letters must be received by the deadline of May 1, 2015 to be considered.


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