Female Agency, Activism, and Organisation

We invite established scholars, postgraduate researchers, museum curators and media practitioners from a wide range of disciplines working in any geographical context and period to contribute to a dynamic discussion about female agency, activism and organisation. The conference theme, inspired by the 2015 centenary of the Women’s Institute, is to be interpreted broadly. It embraces all kinds of female organisation and agency from the local to the global; the individual to the collective. We are interested in how women have navigated, fought against, and sometimes upheld structures of patriarchy, power and privilege through time. We welcome papers that speak to one of these themes as well as those which connect across all three. We are looking to compile a conference programme that covers a broad temporal, methodological and geographical perspective.

Submission deadline: 10 April 2015

The conference will take place from 4-6th of September at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Here for further details on submitting abstracts.


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