Mothers and Daughters

Demeter Press

is seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled

Mothers and Daughters

Editors: Dannabang Kuwabong,

Janet MacLennan, and Dorsía Smith Silva

Deadline for Abstracts: April 30, 2015

This anthology will explore the multifaceted connections between mothers and daughters. We welcome submissions that analyze new fields of inquiry in this area, examining discourses about mothers and daughters through academic writing, narrative essays, and creative work. We specifically encourage offerings that address the identity and experiences of mothers and daughters from within an interdisciplinary framework, which includes cultural, biological, socio-political, relational and historical perspectives. Therefore the uniqueness of this collection revolves around a fluidity in blending not just work from across academic disciplines, but also the forms in which this work is presented: academic inquiry and critique as well as creative and narrative explorations.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

Mother-daughter relationships and how they are shaped by race, ethnicity, class, religion, immigrant status, gender, and sexuality; motherhood, loss and grief; intensive mothering; adoption; mothering and adult children; grand-mothering; men as “mothers” and daughters; motherhood and disability/special needs; childcare and domestic labor; mothers and daughters and digital media; mothers and daughters and codependency; pregnancy; adaptive mothering; surrogacy; reproductive choices; mothers and daughters and public policy; mothers and daughters and literature; mothers and daughters and disability/special needs; mothers and daughters and the body; mothers and daughters and illness; mothers and daughters and mothers in the workplace; mothers and daughters and Third Wave Feminism; mothers and daughters in global and transnational contexts; changing roles and identities of mothers and daughters; matrilineal heritages and narratives; maternal narratives; relational (auto)biographies, creative writing and mother-daughter dyadism; maternal sexualities; mother/daughter and “other mothers” relationships; mother/daughter relationships in blended families; mother/daughter home and the mother(land); maternal absence; long distance mothering; cross-cultural mothering; the mad/depressed mother and/or daughter; maternal silences and mother tongues; sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse; trauma, memory and mothers and daughters; mothers and daughters and agency; cultural traditions of mothers and daughters; mothers and daughters and popular culture; mothers and daughters and education; mothers and daughters and language; mothers/daughters and generational binaries; teenage daughters as mothers; mothers/daughters and war; sex work and mother-daughter relationship; healing narratives between mothers and daughters; narcissism, individualism and mother-daughter relations.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts/Proposals: 500 words. Please include a 50-word biographic note. Due April 30, 2015

Acceptances made by May 31, 2015

Completed manuscripts (15-18 pages double-spaced; contributors are responsible for ensuring that submission adheres to the MLA style) will be due September 1, 2015

Creative work (completed according to guidelines specified by editors at time of acceptance) will be due September 1, 2015

Please send inquiries and abstracts to editors:

 Dannabang Kuwabong, Janet MacLennan,

and Dorsía Smith Silva at


140 Holland St. West, P.O. Box 13022 Bradford, ON, L3Z 2Y5

(tel) 905-775-5215


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