Carolyn Hastie

unnamed (2)Carolyn Hastie, Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia

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Carolyn Hastie RM, RN, IBCLC, Dip Teach, Grad Dip PHC, MPhil (Midwifery research) PhD Candidate is senior lecturer of midwifery of Southern Cross University. She has been at the leading edge of midwifery practice and education for four decades. Among Carolyn’s achievements are: gaining visiting rights to public hospitals in 1984, a first for Australia; starting the first midwives clinic in Australia in 1987, commissioning (2005) and managing a quality award winning (2007) standalone midwifery service which included the option to birth at home.  Carolyn has worked as an educator within the health system as well as the tertiary setting.



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Book chapters:

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Journal articles:

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