Call for Papers: Cultural Representations of Breastfeeding

Date: June 1, 2016
Location: Indiana, United States
Subject Fields: Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Literature, Popular Culture Studies, Women’s & Gender History / Studies
The purpose of this collection is to investigate how representations of breastfeeding in literature, film, the visual arts, popular culture, and online engage with debates surrounding how infants should be fed through a lens of feminist breastfeeding advocacy.

Within those parameters, we are soliciting chapter proposals that focus on any of the following:
Breastfeeding as “natural” or “perverse”
Online parenting culture (mommy/daddy blogs, social media, etc.)
Breastfeeding and adoption
Race and/or ethnicity in representations of breastfeeding
“Extended” breastfeeding (nursing past infancy)
Queer/trans breastfeeding
Fathers in breastfeeding discourse
Breastfeeding and disability studies
Breastfeeding and discourses of women “having it all.”
Please submit CV and 500-750 word abstract by June 1, 2016.
Contact information:
Ann Marie A. Short
Saint Mary’s College
Abigail L. Palko
University of Notre Dame

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