Call for Proposals: Mothers and Domestic Violence

Demeter Press is seeking scholarly and creative submissions for an edited collection tentatively titled Mothers and Domestic Violence.

Editors: Michele McIntosh, Tracy Royce, Valerie R. Stackman, and Patricia Breton

Deadline for Abstracts: June 1, 2015

It is estimated that over a million North American women are assaulted by a current or former intimate partner each year, and over 3 million children witness domestic violence annually. For those mothers who experience what is variously known as domestic violence, partner abuse, intimate partner violence, or intimate terrorism, motherwork entails not only attempts to preserve the safety of self and child, but negotiating a legal system that sometimes criminalizes battered mothers for “failure to protect” their children.

This anthology aims to examine the intersection of mothering and domestic violence from a feminist perspective that foregrounds the lived realities of battered mothers and their children. We seek scholarly works from a broad range of academic disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary work and creative submissions. We welcome original empirical studies (including phenomenological research and critical qualitative inquiry), review papers, social and cultural critique, personal narratives, short fiction, and poetry.

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Mothers, Mothering, and Globalization

Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled

Mothers, Mothering, and Globalization

Editors: Dorsía Smith Silva, Laila Malik, and Abigail Palko

Deadline for Abstracts: March 31, 2015

This anthology will examine the diverse and complex experiences of motherhood and mothering from a broad interdisciplinary perspective. We welcome submissions that explore how globalization influences the lives of mothers, especially in regard to cultural, political, historical, social, and economic factors. Further, we encourage writings that represent the relationships between mothering and globalization in a myriad of ways: mothers and their children, extended motherhood, perspectives of single mothers, migrant and domestic care workers, and deferred mothering

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Seeking Additional Chapters — An Indelible Mark: Women and the Work of Todd Haynes

We seek additional chapters for an edited collection of original essays currently in development that explores the specific role of women in, on, and behind the work of Todd Haynes. Female characters and women’s genres from classical Hollywood, as well as feminist film scholars, women directors, film industry professionals, actors, and female fans have all shaped Haynes’s creative work. Our collection represents new research addressing the broadly conceived topic of women and the work of Todd Haynes; we seek to trace the “indelible mark,” as Haynes himself puts it, of feminism throughout his career.

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