Podcast of the evolution of understandings of pregnancy in Mexico

By the Sexualidad en tu propia voz explores the changes that happened within the Mexican context to concepts imported from Europe of motherhood, childbirth, and sex. Challenging how men have come to dominate knowledge on childbirth.

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Midwives Wanted for Interviews for Book on Pregnancy and Childbirth

This message was sent to us by John Wilks:

Project Description

I am currently writing a new book on pregnancy and childbirth which is focusing on the impact of various attitudes and interventions during pregnancy and birth on the baby’s long term psychological and physical health.   It is going to be published by Jessica Kingsley later this year in the UK and the USA.

I am including some interviews and statements from midwives about their experience of working in the NHS. Because the book will be covering some difficult areas to do with induction and other interventions I am particularly interested in hearing from midwives who would like to (or are able to) practice a more hands-off approach.

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