Pregnancy at Work

“Pregnancy at Work” wants to understand what challenges do working women face at their jobs during their pregnancy, and once do they return to work.
To do so we have an online questionnaire addressed to working mothers-to-be and working mothers being pregnant or not at the present moment.
The online questionnaire is built in a way that the participant is guided to the scenario that best fits into her reality, and includes a Consent form where the participant is informed about the research, her rights and what is expected of her participation. The information collected will help us to define a set of strategies, guidelines and services to help corporates embrace pregnancy as a part of work-life, and not as a roadblock to productivity and to work career.
Thanks for your interest and participation!!
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Becoming a Mother: The Beginning

Are you becoming a new mother? Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy? Researchers at the University of East Anglia are interested in how feelings and appraisals of your child-to-be during pregnancy are related to other significant relationships in your life.  Participation involves taking a short (less than 30 minutes) survey online.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Brennan, PhD Researcher at or +44 (0)7481 961924.

Rhetoric of Teen Pregnancy and Young Motherhood

Contributors wanted for a website launching December 2015. This site aims to serve as the intersection where the voices of young motherhood and academia come together to engage in critical thought and  discussion about the issues that lead to young motherhood, whether intentional or unintentional, the issues faced by young mothers, and the way the media problematizes these issues.

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Irish Women’s experience of abortion

Member Roe McDermott, a journalist, writer & feminist from Dublin, who works with Hot Press & RTE is currently taking an MA in Sexuality Studies and looking to conduct a series of interviews.

The thesis  an exploration of Irish women’s experiences of abortion. The interviews will focus on these women’s education about sex and sexuality as well as abortion, their experience of getting an abortion, and if they were able to speak about their experience openly.
 All personal information will be edited and will not be shown to or discussed with anyone, including Professor Fields (thesis supervisor). As it is a journalistic thesis, edited versions of these articles may be published in media outlets after I submit them in college – however all participants will be asked for permission if this is to happen, and have every right of refusal.

Contact email is; can also be contacted on Twitter at @roemcde

Abortion doulas

From member Hannah Pearson: I’m doing my postgrad research on abortion in Scotland, and was wondering if there are abortion doulas in Scotland or the UK generally.  I know that abortion doulas are more common in the US and I can’t find anything on an abortion doula service in the UK. Do conventional doulas offer the same services?

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