Guest Tweet as @Preg_Research

What is Guest Tweeting?

For one week every month, Perceptions of Pregnancy will turn over our twitter account to a guest tweeter who will tweet about aspects of their research that are relevant to our network and of interest to our members. Guest tweeting is not particularly onerous. You are not expected to be on the twitter account all day, but you should say good morning and tell people what to expect from you for the rest of the day.  You should then update throughout the day and the evening, about once an hour (or more, if you want). As the week goes on, you’ll find a pattern of tweeting that works best for you.

Who Are We?

Perceptions of Pregnancy is a multi-disciplinary network for researchers working on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth from the earliest times to the present day. We are an international network.

The important bit: Perceptions of Pregnancy is a strictly non-political network. We do not host blogs in favour or opposed to campaigns for reform or new legislation / policies, and this extends to our twitter policy also.


Reflecting the diversity of our membership, we will consider applications from, but not limited to,

  • midwives,
  • historians,
  • human geographers,
  • literary scholars,
  • philosophers,
  • visual artists,
  • museum workers,
  • librarians,
  • journalists.

If you’re not on the list, but are interested in guest tweeting, please do get in touch!

As an international network, we welcome guest tweeters from around the world.

Apply to Guest Tweet


If you want any further details before applying to guest tweet, you can email us at perceptionsofpregnancy[at]


The directors of Perceptions of Pregnancy are grateful to Darragh Doyle for allowing them to adapt the @Ireland community guidelines.